Communication Program (chat with us!)

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Communication Program (chat with us!)

Post  Haddon on Thu Aug 30, 2012 2:26 am

Hey all! Interested in chatting with the other members of [GODS]? You're in luck! Below is a guide explaining how to use RaidCall, a free voice software very much like Ventrillo, but with better quality sound and more customization!

Step 1 - Download and Install RaidCall.

Step 2 - Make a RaidCall account.
Step 3 - Open RaidCall and login with your credentials.
Step 4 - Join our channel! Type in 5013431 in the top left hand corner of your client and press enter.

Step 5 - Tada! You're done. You can now chat with anybody in the channel, via text or mic - it's your choice!

Some things to note:
  • F2 is the default "Push to Talk" key. To change this, click on the green text in the bottom right hand of the screen.
  • You can change your information by right clicking on your name. It would be helpful if you could change your name to your in game name (IGN), but it's not required.
  • If you'd like a room for your friends/group, just ask! Admins will be happy to give you a room (password protected, if you wish!).

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